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Report 2018-002-AOIG - U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission FY 2018 Management Letter

Recommendation: We recommend that EEOC require all changes to OPM identified filing documents in personnel files be reviewed by an HR professional and, where possible, reviewed by the employee, to ensure the accuracy of the official personnel file (eOPF). EEOC HR professionals should perform random eOPF audits, at least semi-annually, to ensure that current documentation is included in the files to support all payroll expenses, benefits, and deductions. Additionally, an HR professional should ensure all newly hired EEOC employees' eOPFs are complete and accurate, to include, where possible, having the employee review their eOPF. All separating employees' eOPF should be reviewed for accuracy by EEOC HR professionals and the separating employee.

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
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