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The Office of Inspector General is authorized to investigate matters of fraud, waste and abuse, which pertain to the EEOC programs, operations and personnel. If you would like to report fraud, waste, and/or abuse regarding the personnel, programs, or operations of the EEOC please visit our report fraud page.

OIG is precluded from reviewing the merits of individual discrimination complaints or appeals, therefore we do not have the authority to review discrimination complaints, decisions, reopen discrimination complaints, issue findings on discrimination, or intervene in cases.  If you want to file a complaint of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) please visit If you have a concern or complaint regarding a matter that in any way relates to the processing of your private sector charge of discrimination please visit

If you have a question concerning the Agency's equal employment opportunity process for Federal agencies please visit

OIG Fax Number: 202-221-7781

OIG Hotline: 800-840-3237

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