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Does your Office of Inspector General Hotline Complaint concern work regarding the mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

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The Office of Inspector General is authorized to investigate and assess matters of fraud, waste and abuse which pertain to the EEOC programs and operations. If you have a question regarding another federal agency’s programs and operations, please visit


Does Your Office of Inspector General Hotline Compliant concern a private or federal sector charge that you filed online or with an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

It is outside the purview of the Office of Inspector General to review or question decisions made by Agency staff regarding charge processing determinations. If you have a question or concern regarding how your charge was handled or process, please contact the Agency’s Office of Field Programs

If your complaint concerns how EEOC assures federal agency and department compliance with EEOC regulations, provides technical assistance to federal agencies concerning EEO complaint adjudication, monitors and evaluates federal agencies' affirmative employment programs, develops and distributes federal sector educational materials and conducts training for stakeholders, provides guidance and assistance to our Administrative Judges who conduct hearings on EEO complaints, and adjudicates appeals from administrative decisions made by federal agencies on EEO complaints. Please contact the Office of Federal Operations