What types of common complaints are not accepted by the EEOC OIG Hotline?

  1. Complaints or inquiries regarding charges or complaints of discrimination (including status inquiries, processing complaints, complaints about EEOC employees’ customer service, complaints regarding the merits of charges, or complaints of discrimination).
  2. Complaints of violations of the Agency’s collective bargaining agreement.
  3. Complaints that do not relate to EEOC employees or programs.
  4. Complaints that relate to the programs or employees of another government agency.
  5. Complaints that involve an Agency employee but another agency has enforcement or regulatory jurisdiction (e.g., a complaint that an EEOC employee has falsified his or her Federal income tax information should be presented to the Internal Revenue Service).
  6. Complaints about absence without official leave and leave usage.
  7. Complaints regarding insubordination.
  8. Complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, or prohibited personnel practices.
  9.  Complaints regarding matters pertaining to physical security.