Report 2003-004-AMR - Evaluation of EEOC’s Performance and Results Reporting

Fiscal Year
Executive Summary

The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (Public Law 103-62), also known as GPRA, requires federal agencies, including the EEOC, to align program outputs and activities and to
measure outcomes that clearly impact American citizens. GPRA contains three performance management requirements–Agency Strategic Plans, Annual Performance Plans, and Annual
Performance Reports.

This report is intended as a baseline assessment of the Agency's Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request and GPRA Annual Performance Plan and Annual Program Performance Report–FY 2002. The
review’s primary objective is to determine how well EEOC presents GPRA-related information, including support for key data.. We emphasize that this is not an assessment of agency performance, but an assessment on how performance is reported. We discuss the 2004-2009 Strategic Plan, but because it is primarily a strategic, and not a reporting, document, this assessment does not focus on it.