Report 2007-011-RFPE - Performance Audit of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Education, Training and Technical Assistance Program Revolving Fund

Fiscal Year
Executive Summary

The EEOC Education, Technical Assistance and Training Revolving Fund Act of 1992, authorized EEOC to provide education, training, and technical assistance relating to EEOC laws
and enforcement to both the public and private sector on a fee basis. Since its inception, the program has developed and delivered technical assistance program seminars (TAPS), federal
training courses, customer specific trainings (CSTs) and direct training product sales. Known as the EEOC Training Institute, the program is run by the Revolving Fund Division (RFD) in
EEOC’s Office of Field Programs (OFP).

We found that the Revolving Fund (RF) program lacks the vision needed to keep pace with the fastmoving world of technology and private competition in which it operates. A business plan
was developed to provide a strategic guide for achieving RF objectives through the years FY 2003 – FY 2005. However, the plan has not been updated since that time. We found the focus of
the program is to increase the quality and effectiveness of existing training vehicles but lacks a forward thinking strategy to ensure the program continues to meet the needs of its customers and
remains competitive in the marketplace. Without a written business plan, there is no common understanding by EEOC stakeholders of the future direction of the RF program.