Report 2017-003-AOIG - DATA ACT Readiness Review Report

Fiscal Year
Executive Summary

The EEOC is heavily dependent on its FSSP, IBC, for its Data Act implementation and reporting. EEOC has performed some of the recommended steps from the DATA Act Playbook and has collaborated with IBC to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data to be reported on behalf of EEOC. The four steps that EEOC performed were:Organize team, Review Elements, Inventory Data, and Design and Strategize. The EEOC needs to specifically document roles and responsibilities between the EEOC and IBC. Additionally, EEOC should develop a comprehensive implementation plan at the agency level even if it is relying on its FSSP to report DATA Act information on its behalf. Though it appears that IBC is on track in meeting DATA Act reporting requirements by May 2017, according to a report issued by the DOI’s OIG in December 2016, EEOC has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring the accuracy, quality, completeness, and timeliness of the data reported on its behalf.

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