Fiscal Year
Executive Summary

To ensure the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) social media
program is effective at helping EEOC achieve its objectives—to 1) promote EEOC’s education
and outreach activities, 2) encourage greater use of the EEOC website, and 3) increase public
access to information about rights and responsibilities under the laws EEOC enforces—the
EEOC Office of the Inspector General (OIG) hired Hager Sharp to evaluate the program.

Our review of the EEOC’s social media program revealed tremendous potential for the program
to successfully reach its objectives with greater priority and support. We offer the following
recommendations to improve the program:
1. Hire people with specialized expertise to manage the social media program and its assets,
specifically a dedicated social media manager and part-time (or contract) graphic
designer and multimedia specialist.
2. Simplify the EEOC’s social media architecture by consolidating many of the existing
social media channels and limiting creation of new channels.
3. Ensure all social media managers have access to a scheduling tool within one account.
4. Implement a consistent content approval process run by OCLA.
5. Facilitate a mandatory monthly meeting among all EEOC social media managers.