Management Letter - FY 2020 Financial Statement Audit

We recommend EEOC management create a control where management reviews, on a sample basis, at least quarterly, the approved PP&E disposals/retirements for conformity to EEOC SOP for OIT Excess Property that states, “When equipment is disposed of, an SF 120, SF 122, or SF 120 copy using GSAXcess, is approved by the EEOC Approving Official, CSD Backup or Property manager, evidenced by their signature and date.” EEOC management should follow-up with Approving Official(s), CSD Backup or Property management who have been found to not adhere to requirements of the SOPs for OIT Excess Property and require them to obtain additional training, to include certifying they have read the Approving Officials responsibilities, as it relates to the aforementioned control. (Repeat Finding)

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